For Parents Page:

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This page contains information for parents. The information can be accessed either by using the links on this page or using the drop-down menu on the home page tab. There is a brief description of what information is given on each link.


Admission to the school in September 2020: Information about admission to the school - a place in September 2020.

Attendance: Guidance for parents, link between attainment and attendance and information about fix penalty notices/fines.

Class Timetables: Self-explanitory. Click the link to your child's class to dispaly their timetable.

Curriculum Maps: Information about the subject that will be studied this term (Summer 2016)

Floor Plan The layout of the school, where to find classrooms and other spaces.

Food Allergies: Special dietary information provided for schools by our catering contractor HC3S.

High Frequency Words: The High Frequency Words (HFW) that all children should be able to spell. The 1st 100 HFW (written in the school's cursive handwriting style) and the next 200 HFW. Also a link to a useful website. Also see 'Spellings'.

Mathematic Calculation Booklet: This 12 page booklet shows how all staff teach progression for calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) from the simplest to the most advanced methods.

Medical Issues: This page provides information about how the school supports children with medical issues in school. There is specific information about administering medication in school, allegens, anaphylaxis, asthma, drugs and alcohol.

Mrs Waters' Book List: Mrs Waters (Yr3 Teacher) has produced a book reading list with additional guidance. The key to her 'ratings' is given at the end of the document.

New Parents (Applying for a place): The LA Admissions Policies for the current year and the next. A link to Hantsweb page for applying for a place at Guillemont mid-year (after the start of the school year).

Parent Guide to the National Curriculum: An easy to follow guide that includes what has changed, what tests children will take and a how to use the guide. It covers what Yr1 to Yr6 need to know in the core and foundation subjects.

Presentations: Download slides used at meetings. They often contain additional information.

Privacy Notice: Gives the school's obligations under that Data Protection Act and two important contacts should parent/carers require any further information.

RE Syllabus: Guillemont follows the Hampshire Agreed Syllabus of RE

Recommended Reading List: a recommended reading list from the Hampshire Schools Library Service (SLS) and a link to the SLS website.

Residential Visits Information: What's on offer to all the children, links to paperwork and the payment deadlines.

Residential Visits Images: Images from past residential visits.

Rushmoor Plus: Rushmoor Schools Plus connects Rushmoor schools, families and communities. It is a signposting service to find for local and national information for children and families, local news, what’s on and celebrating good news.

Safe4Me: This is a link to a website for primary school children. It's new and more content will be added. It currently has information about the police, cyber-bullying, anti-social behaviour and drug awareness.

School Forms: Links to most of the forms needed by the school and the forms needed to apply for transport if your child has a Statement of Educational Needs or an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

School Meals: Information about applying for free school meals, the menu for school lunches and a link to the HCC website 'My School Lunch'.

Special Dietary Information: Contact details for the school's caterers, a link to their website, a copy of their information sheet 'Special Dietary Information for schools (HC3S)' and a copy of the Children's Trust information sheet 'Catering for special dietary requirements: a guide for schools and school caterers in England'.




Term Times: Calendar for Guillemont school and other Hampshire schools. Shows holidays, Inset Days and Bank Holidays.

Copies of individual class timetables and rooms regularly used for teaching.

Spellings: The Government have produced list of words that all Yrs3 and 4 children should be able to spell. There is a similar list for Yr5 and 6 children. This is in addition to the Yrs3/4 list.

Times Tables Challenge: A challenge to be done at home to help you support your child(ren) learn the times tables.

Useful Websites: Includes BBC Bitesize, BBC Learning Zone Broadband video clips, a useful website about grammar and a website where you can download past KS2 Test papers.

Volunteers Leaflet CP Advice: This leaflet is issued to all visitors to the school. It covers all aspects of child protection in school and the contact details of the key personnel.

Work at Home (Homework): This page contains information about the school's expectations for learning at home. It also has information about the Topic Work Projects are set termly/half termly.

Yr2 Mathematics: A booklet designed to help you support your child(ren) move from infant to junior school. We would expect most Yr2 children to be able to cope with the mathematics, especially those that achieved L2B or ARE.

Yr6 Revision Information: This page will be updated once the revision programme has been prepared (after half term).