The School Curriculum:


This page was updated in September 2019.

You can click the links below for information about the subjects that will be studied during the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms.

Yr3 Curriculum Map Autumn 2019      Yr3 Curriculum Map Spring 2020      Yr3 Curriculum Map Summer 2020
Yr4 Curriculum Map Autumn 2019   Yr4 Curriculum Map Spring 2020   Yr4 Curriculum Map Summer 2020
Yr5 Curriculum Map Autumn 2019   Yr5 Curriculum Map Spring 2020   Yr5 Curriculum Map Summer 2020
Yr6 Curriculum Map Autumn 2019   Yr6 Curriculum Map Spring 2020   Yr6 Curriculum Map Summer 2020
Resourced Provision Autumn 2019   Resource Provision Spring 2020   Resource Provision Summer 2020


You can also download the school's Teaching and Learning Policy. Click here.


Below are links to what children need to know to achieve ARE (Age Related Expectation) for the Core Subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. The English is further sectioned to Speaking and listening, Reading skills, Writing skills and Grammar.

Yr3 click here.

Yr4 Click here.

Yr5 Click here.

Yr6 Click here.


For the complete 'Parents Guide to the National Curriculum', click here.

For the DfE (200 pages) Framework for the Primary (KS1 and KS2), National Curriculum, click here.