Mrs Waters' Book List

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Mrs Waters is a Yr3 Teacher and an avid reader of children's books. She has produced a comprehensive reading book list. For each book, Mrs Waters gives the author, a rating (1 - 5), the most appropriate age group (lowers, uppers, KS2, Teen or Caution 6) and the style of the book (genre).

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An invite...

I have always thought that, as parents and teachers, one of the most important things we can do for our children is to encourage them to love reading. It is with a love of reading that great writers, thinkers and enthusiasts develop. With this in mind, I started reading children's books when I started teaching (2003) and haven't stopped since. My Facebook Group: The Reading Den was set up so that I could share reviews of the books I read and provide parents and teachers with a list of great books to recommend to their children.

Feel free to join and give yourself the confidence to talk to your children about the books they have read and have suggestions up your sleeve for their next good book.

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Mrs Chloe Waters.