When staff lead a meeting, they prepare Powerpoint slides to accompany their presentation and to give additional information. You can use the hyperlinks below to download any of the presentations.


'Meet the Teacher' presentations (13th and 14th September 2017) by class:

Yr3 Class TL (Miss Lipsky)    Yr4 Class CW (Mrs Waters)    Yr5 Class MP (Mr Phillips)    Yr6 Class VG (Mrs Gale)   

Class EW (RP)

Yr3 Class KT (Miss Thomas)   Yr4 Class LA (Mrs Addison)     Yr5 Class CDAM (Mrs Daly/Mrs Macdonald)   Yr6 Class KL (Mrs Llewellyn)    
Yr3 Class SBMC (Mrs Bartlett/Mr Cooper)   Yr4 Class AL (Miss Lloyd)        Yr6 Class DB (Mr Barry)    


To be posted after the meetings:

Yr5 and Yr6 Residential visits 2017 meetings  (19th September 2017) for parents and carers:

Yr5 to Swanage

Yr6 to Little Canada (IoW)

Yr4 Residential visit 2017 meetings for parents and carers (25th SMay 2017):

Yr4 to Ufton Court

Yr3 Residential experience (2018):

Yr3 Guillemont