School Closure Summer Term 2019/20

School Closure.jpg

This is Week 8 May Half Term 

(Commences Monday 25th May 2020).

A reminder from last week: We are not setting English and mathematics work for the half term break. However, there will be fun activities available and an opportunity to go back and complete anything not previously completed.

Thank you for letting the school know if you need childcare for this week.

Please let the school know if you need childcare for the week beginning Monday 1st June 2020. We expect an announcement from Government on Thursday about re-opening to Yr6 pupils but this does not affect childcare - it will continue irrespective of whether we re-open to more pupils or not..

Guillemont Parent/Carers Certificates available for you to use - see 'Summer Term Additional Things'.

Mrs Waldron (SENCo) has a sheet that some might find helpful if your child(ren) finds organisation a problem. Click here. Its call 'Now Next'.

Please note that you are not expected to print all of the worksheets. You may find it helpful to print a few of them.

Mrs Helen Smith (ELSA) will be available by phone between 9am and 12pm every week day. Her priority will be for contact with the children she usually works with. If parents or carers require help, please contact Mrs Smith between 1pm and 3pm. The number to call is 07563384044. Please be patient and please only call at the appropriate time.

The school office is open for calls between 9am and 1pm. Please call 01252 666846. You can also leave a message or email:

We have set work to ensure there is enough for everyone to do. There is an expectation that children attempt the work. It has been pitched at an approriate level. You can talk to your child's class teacher if there are any issues when they next call or email the school.

If you need timetable to help organise the day, we suggest you use the one published previously. For a copy, click here.

Link to BBC Bitesize website. It is useful, but teachers would like children to prioritise the work they have set.

Links to previous set work:

Spring Term 2019/20 click here.

Easter holiday work click here.

Week 3 work click here.

Week 4 work click here.

Week 5 work click here.

Week 6 work click here.

Week 7 work click here.







Summer Term Work Additional Things for the half term break:

If you need any mathematics or English work to do, the BBC Bitesize has lots of resources that you can use. It is likely that children have not completed all of the work set. There are links to previous week opposite.

Every Friday we held an assembly to present certificates. We have modified the template so you [parents and carers] can use it if you wish. Click here for a copy. You can write whatever you wish, hopefully to motivate your child(ren).

Computing: Enjoyable activities designed by professionals for families to do at home. Click here.

Get Active: Use the Change 4 Life website for ideas.

Library: Latest edition of First News click here. News and Picture Quiz click here. Look Closer - World News click here. 

Music: Mrs Gray has sent this for you to try from the Hampshire Music Service. An everyday story about a boy called Peer Gynt who falls in love with a girl. He is not allowed to marry her and he runs away into the mountains where he is captured by trolls who take him to their King. Peer Gynt escapes from the trolls, runs into the troll King but eventually gets away to safety - phew! Click here.

Science: Mr Phillip's 'Science at home': Straw Duck Caller, Bean in a jar, Solar oven, Shiny pennies and Shrink crisp packets. Still lots to do at Marwell Zoo. Find out about adaption and habitats, food chains and evolution. Remember to use the KS2 resources. Click here for a link to the website. Also check out the webcams from some of the animal enclosures. Click here.

Teachers and LSAs will continue to call the children at home but they will not be setting work on MyMaths, Bug Club and Purple Mash this week. Please encourage children to keep using the 'Class Blog' on Purple Mash.

Class EW: Mrs Waldron and Miss Palmer would like the children to practice their language and vocabulary skills every day. Click here for the 'Speed Link' website. Click here for 'Thinking Talking' website.