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There is a parent/carers workshop about how spelling is taugh at school early in the academic year. 





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To downoad a Help Sheet for Parents and Carers about supporting your child to improve their spelling ability. Click here.



To download Spelling Challenge Activity Cards, click the icon below:

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The Government have produced list of words that all Yrs3 and 4 child should be able to spell. There is a similar list for Yr5 and 6 children. Children are expected to also be able to spell the Yr3/4 words. It is also worth noting that the Yr3/4 words are included in the KS2 Test National Tests.

The lists of word have been produced using the font that mirrors the cursive handwriting style we teach across the school.


For the Y3/4 spelling list, click the icon below:

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For the Y5/6 spelling list, click the icon below:

Yr5 and 6 Spelling List.png




Please also read the information on High Frequency Words. You can access this page by clicking here.