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Most Recent Ofsted Report (May 2015)

Summary of the the key findings for parents and pupils:

This is a good school.

 The headteacher is a very strong leader who has worked tirelessly and very successfully since the previous inspection to help the school improve.

 Other leaders and the governing body support school improvement well. All leaders and governors are highly ambitious for the school and constantly look for ways to improve it further.

 Procedures for checking the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement are very effective. Since the previous inspection, improvement in these areas has been rapid. The school is well placed to improve further.

 Teaching in reading, writing and mathematics is good throughout the school. Consequently, pupils are strongly committed to learning.

 Pupils achieve well. Their progress has accelerated well over the past year. As a result, attainment is rising quickly and is well on course to exceed that of previous years. In reading, current Year 6 pupils’ attainment is already above the levels expected for their age.

 The gap between other pupils’ and disadvantaged pupils’ attainment is closing rapidly.

 Behaviour in lessons and around the school is good. Relationships with adults and between pupils are very positive. Pupils enjoy school and work hard.

 The school pays good attention to pupils’ safety and welfare. Arrangements to support pupils with behavioural, social or emotional needs are strong and very effective.

 Pupils who attend the Resourced Provision for Speech, Language and Communication Needs (Language Unit) achieve well and successfully take part in all aspects of school life. The majority reach the levels expected in reading, writing and mathematics by the time they leave.

 Governors fulfil their statutory duties successfully. Through a well-designed programme of visits, they are effectively informed about teaching quality and pupils’ achievement. Governors hold leaders to account well on these aspects.