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The Resourced Provision for Children with Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN)

In September 1997 additional specialist provision for children with Language Impairment was opened at Guillemont. The Resourced Provision (originally called a Language Unit) was newly furnished and fully resourced.  Information Technology, in the form of computers, laptops, dictaphones, video and tape recorders, play an important role in supporting the learning process for Resourced Provision children.

Specialist teachers and Learning Support Assistants teach children in the Resourced Provision.  This includes an attached Speech Therapist. All children are ‘linked’ to mainstream classes and join their class for appropriate lessons during the school day.

Children will be considered for admission to the specialist resource if they demonstrate a severity or persistence of speech and/or language disorder.   The child will have a Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) identifying speech and / or language disorder as their prime presenting need. All special needs will be clearly identified.

There will be consistency in the professional view of the child as needing a specialist placement to address speech and / or language disorder. The designated officer of the Local Education Authority will determine admission to the special provision.

If you would like to look around our Resourced Provision, please contact The Resourced Provision Manager, Mrs Ellie Waldron, via the school office or just ask the a member of the office staff to book an appointment. Mrs Waldron is also the school’s SENCo.

Please note that while we are happy to show you around the Resourced Provision, it is the Local Authority that offers children a place and not the school.