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Performance Data (how well children achieve at Guillemont)

This section contains performance data from external agencies. The FFT Aspire data is easy to follow performance data. There is a video clip to help understand what information is available.

Understanding FFT Aspire data (Video clip about FFT Aspire. Make sure you select KS2)

FFT Aspire 2018 data (expected to be available from October 2018)

Compare school and college performance (A ‘GOV.UK’ website that lets parents compare schools.)

Performance Tables (A DfE website that gives a variety of data about the school.

Ofsted Report May 2015

KS2 2018

Comparative Data for 2018. This is a nationally recognised source of data and allows comparisons between our school, all schools in Hampshire and nearly all (~95%) schools nationally.

School Results:

The school has an attached Resource Provision (RP) for children with Speech Language and Communication Needs. All these children have an EHCP. We display our performance data for the whole school (includes the RP) and for the Mainstream school (excludes the RP) 

KS2 Results for 2018 click here.