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The school expectation is that children’s attendance and punctuality is 96%. The school opens at 8.30am and children are registered at 8.45am. They are marked late if they are not registered by the time the register is closed at 8.50am. If a child arrives after this time they must report to reception to be registered. This avoids an unnecessary call home if the child is actually in school. If punctuality or attendance falls below 96%, children are placed on a list and their attendance and punctuality monitored. If their improvements are not noted, a call home will be made or a standard letter will be sent home. The school uses a variety of interventions to support parents and carers but if attendance and/or punctuality fail to improve, a fixed penalty fine or fast-track prosecution will follow. There will always be written notification warning that a fixed penalty notice or fast-track prosecution is being considered.

Children sometimes have to attend medical appointments during the school day. However, we are not allowed to let children leave the school premises unaccompanied; they must be collected if they ned to leave the building during school hours. There are also obvious dangers in allowing children to leave school alone without the safety of numbers that the beginning and end of the day afford and we do ask whenever possible for children to be collected at the end of the school day. When this is not possible then we must have your written permission to allow the child to leave the school site unaccompanied.

Staff become concerned if a pupil does not arrive and we have not received a message. For the safety of your children, please let us know if they are going to be absent.

If for any reason you bring your child to school late, you need to notify the school office so that the attendance and dinner registers can be amended. There is a signing in and out book in the school office for this purpose.

By law we have to account for any child who is absent from school. Please let us know by telephone or letter, details of any absence on the first day of any absence. The school, to ensure parents confirm all absences, will follow up non-notified absence. The school aims to call home within the first hour of an unknown absence.


Headteachers are advised by Government guidelines not to authorise term time holidays. Hampshire, as a Local Authority, now advise Headteachers to issue fixed penalty fines for unauthorised absences of five days or more. However, we recognise that it may be necessary for a family to take their annual holiday in term time due to exceptional circumstances. These are very limited and usually linked to a family receiving support from an external agency or medical conditions that are supported by a GP or hospital. It should be noted that any lack of honesty will always be followed up and legal action taken.

A request for leave of absence form is available from the school office. It needs to be completed and returned to the school. A copy of the form can be downloaded by clicking the button below:

Holiday will not be considered authorised during test periods for pupils or the time leading up to this period or to those pupils with attendance below 96%.

Any unauthorised leave of absence of 5 days and over (10 sessions) will be subject to a fixed penalty notice. If you choose to take a further leave of absence after a fixed penalty notice has been issued, then this will usually result in prosecution. Currently the penalty is £60 per child per parent.

The school sets an attendance and punctuality target of 96%.

Please click on the following link with further information:

Information on penalty notices for parents/carers

We have received information from the Department for Education how the impact of missing even a short amount of time from school can have an effect on your child’s grades. Please click on the link below:

Government publication on absence and attainment

Please also see the link below which will take you to the Department for Education website which explains in more detail the Local Authorities current legal position on non-attendance:

Attendance guidance for Parents