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About Guillemont Junior School

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement reflects what we believe to be our purpose as a school. Our Vision Statement expresses where we hope our children will be in the future when they leave Guillemont. We base our mission and vision statements on our Core Values. These are the thing we believe in, they make us the school we are and create our ethos.

Our Founding Purpose (mission statement) is to enable our children to develop skills, knowledge, confidence and attitudes to continually adapt, contribute and create in a changing world. Our children will be fulfilled, happy, safe, and able to build positive relationships now and in the future.

At Guillemont Junior School we believe in unlocking and developing the potential of the whole child. Where there are barriers to learning, these are acknowledged and overcome. We ensure equal opportunities and success for all. Our children will be competent learners that are:

They have skills to work collaboratively, as well as the confidence to make decisions and the resilience to face challenges and overcome mistakes. Our children are encouraged to be inquisitive about their learning and the world around them. They are also encouraged to ask questions and follow and develop their own lines of enquiry; they use research skills to facilitate this. Our children approach their learning creatively and understand that there is more than one way to achieve an objective (or accomplish a task). They enjoy participating in open-ended tasks. Our children are active citizens understanding rights, responsibilities and respect for self and others), which enables them to make informed choices. This means they will be able to lead and enjoy an active life.

At Guillemont Junior School, our vision is to develop confident, inquisitive and independent learners, both children and staff who are:

Every child will feel:

We will achieve this by creating a culture of learning and discovery that is stimulating and enjoyable for both children and staff. Our staff work together in expertly and enthusiastically delivering the National Curriculum in a caring and positive environment focussed on the individual.

At the end of their time at Guillemont Junior School, our children will take with them:

The school vision aims to develop young people so that they are free thinking and have a moral compass. As they mature they will have the life skills to contribute to the secondary school and their communities while being free from prejudice of any kind.

Mission and vision statements help the school community reflect on its core educational values, operational objectives, purpose as a learning institution, and hoped-for results for children. By asking tough questions about what the school was founded to achieve, and by looking at where it is in relation to where it wants to be, the school can become better organized to achieve its goals and more focused on the practical steps needed to achieve them.

Our purpose (mission) and vision for the future are based on the core values of:

Denis Foster (Headteacher), June 2018.

School Aims

Our school aim is for children to be fulfilled in their junior school stage of development by providing a curriculum rich in relevant experiences and activities. 

We are helping children to be individuals who feel recognised and valued; to have self‑esteem and self-belief, yet very aware of the part they play within the school as a whole.  The school aims to develop a strong identity and collective responsibility towards our local and global school communities.

In our work with children, we also aim to develop helpful learning attitudes, skills and behaviours. These are principally those of self‑confidence, self‑motivation, integrity, independence, curiosity and the ability to question and argue rationally.

We hope the children will acquire a reasoned set of values, attitudes and beliefs.  We encourage active participants and responsible contributors.  We work in partnership with our parents.

We provide a highly disciplined school structure; one that encourages the children themselves to develop a self‑disciplined approach to their work and behaviour.  Care and respect for others is a prime concern of all who work in the school.

The teachers of Guillemont Junior School have high expectations of each child and we encourage the individuality and creativity that lies within each child to grow and flourish.  Children will be expected to work both seriously and hard.  For our part, we shall do our utmost to ensure that the work is properly prepared, and that it is of the nature that will stimulate the children to want to learn.  

Securing national standards of attainment for all children is an important target for the school and annual targets for school improvement are of high priority.

The children will follow programmes of work within the framework of the National Curriculum.  The education that they receive is broad, balanced, and relevant to individual needs and set in a clear moral framework.  Children should find and contribute to a warm, encouraging and optimistic atmosphere in a stimulating environment.

Our aims are linked to the schools Mission StatementVision Statement and our Core Values.

Click here for a link to a document displayed in the school foyer that encompasses the aforementioned. Similarly, our aims are intertwined with our statement on British Values at Guillemont.

Click here for a link to the document. Finally, the Governors Strategic Direction and Plan (2019 – 2023) also links to the school aims.

Click here for a link to this document.