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Home School Agreement

Our school aim is for children to be fulfilled in their junior school stage of development by providing a curriculum rich in relevant experiences and activities.  We are helping children to be individuals who feel recognised and valued; to have self‑esteem and a belief in themselves, yet very aware of the part they play within the school as a whole.  The school aims to develop a strong school identity and collective responsibility towards our school community. In our work with children we also aim to develop helpful learning attitudes, skills and behaviours; principally those of self‑confidence, self‑motivation, integrity, independence, curiosity and the ability to question and argue rationally.

We hope the children will acquire a reasoned set of values, attitudes and beliefs.  We encourage active participants and responsible contributors.  We work in partnership with our parents. We provide a highly disciplined school structure; one that encourages the children to develop a self‑disciplined approach to their work and behaviour.  Care and respect for others is a prime concern of all who work in the school.